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 Enjoy our Testimonials and our accomplishments

Report cards 1st Quarter

George Bell Spring Hill Elementary School Science A Math B

Jaden Grady Crews Lake Middle School Science B, Language Art B, 2-D Studio Art B

Taya Cannino Central High School Chorus 2 A, Lib Arts Math 1 A, Math Coll Readiness B, Vol Sch/Commun Serv A

Sara Lee Descoteaux Hdson Middle School PE B, Access M/J LA 3 A, Access M/J USHI & CP B, Access M/J Compsci 3 B

Ryan Sayre Deltona Elementary School Science A, Lang Arts B, Math B,

Elyjah Sayre Deltona Elementary School Math A, Science B

Viktoria Sayre Deltona elementary school Math A

My time at For Each 1 Reach 1 program was the most influential experience I have ever had. I believe everything happens for a reason, and there was definitely a good reason I ended up there. I met a great group of people and even learned things from kids younger than me. I learned that life is what you decide to make of it. If you give out love, kindness, and respect to others then you will get that in return. Every Saturday that I went I always had a great time volunteering with the kids. The biggest joy in my life is helping others and I got to achieve it every week. I am so blessed to have met Ms. Lynette and Ms. Dawn because they showed me things about myself I didn't even realize. They taught me that being grateful is important and to appreciate what you have because life is truly the greatest gift. Their Boot Camp taught the kids the importance of respect, strength, and to work as a team. I think this program is an efficient way to teach kids to be someone they are proud of for their present and future lives ahead of them. "I believe in myself and my ability to do good, because I am my best investment." A simple quote can change someone’s whole perspective on life and it changed mine. For Each 1 Reach 1 is the reason I believe in myself and work hard to be the best that I can be. I am so thankful for this opportunity.





Community Service



Brooke Barnes

 Experience at For Each 1 Reach 1

 Community Service

My experience at For Each 1 Reach 1 was definitely a life changing experience for myself. I learned to not only care for myself but others and to better myself. This organization is one of the most caring places I have ever been. They not only care for themselves but others around them (including strangers). The first time I walked into For Each 1 Reach 1 I thought to myself wow I can’t wait to get done with community service and leave here and never come back. Within a week into it my perspective on things changed completely. Even though my community service is over with I still plan on coming back. In the beginning Ms. Lynette was just a person I came to do community service for but the more I got to know her I figured out she not just a person I can come to for community service she’s a person that I can trust with everything and that I can come to when I need to talk to someone. If I could I wouldn’t necessarily redo the action that I did but I would restart all my hours over again but enjoy all of them instead of just looking at it as work. If there’s anywhere to go for support its here.



Dear Ms. Lynette and Ms. Dawn, Thank you for all you done for me at For Each 1 Reach1. I will never forget all you done helping me to reach my goals and being my best investment. Thank you




Emily Rosello


Dear Ms. Lynette and Ms. Dawn, we really appreciated everything you have taught our daughter Emily. Thank you for letting her do her community hours it has given her a positive outlook @ life. Keep up blessing others like you did with her. May God keep on using you both to honor Him and to bring others to a closer relationship with God. May God keep on blessing you both and keep you healthy and strong to continue forward.


Sincerely Yours


Pablo and Vivian Rosello


Email me with your events and growth.


Here is a little something to continue your journey.


I am attaching a note that was written following today’s meeting that I attended with my son, JR Pfluke. Thank you for inviting him. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The organization’s goals are commendable. I look forward to his continued participation.


Jill Pfluke



                I went with my son to a meeting of “For Each 1 Reach 1,” a mentoring organization. During the more formal portion of the program, several individuals shared their “story.” At first, it kind of made me think of another kind of meeting, in which people stand up and acknowledge an addiction. I suppose there’s a need to verify your need to be part of any group, as both a receiver and a reciprocator.  It is not without hesitation that I admit to needing assistance in preventing my child from remaining “at-risk” or becoming a “statistic.”


What does it mean to have a story? My family is relatively unremarkable. We are fairly typical individuals striving to do well emotionally, physically, and economically. Our circumstances are not extraordinary. Our children are not bad kids. They struggle with issues that, until recently, I supposed I believe they would just grow out of or get passed like I did, and for which I assume I am none the worse as a result. Perhaps the difference is that those people who were positive influences in my life were never proclaimed as such through having the label of mentor bestowed upon them, although they were clearly all teachers, whether my parents, my actual teachers at school, my Rabbi or someone like a celebrity whose relationship was much less direct. It gives me pause and causes me to reflect. As a parent, a teacher, and even a friend to others, I am a mentor. We each know that “it takes a village,” but how many of us take the time to actually reside there?


The ability to embrace the concept of my child needing a mentor (in the form of someone who is not a member of our “biological” family) requires that I examine these elements. In addition, it is a source of pride to recognize, and even announce, that my child possesses qualities that will enable him to be a positive influence in others’ lives.


To my son, JR, and to the leadership of For Each 1 Reach 1, I just wanted to take the opportunity to wish us a “Bon Voyage” as we embark on this journey together.




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