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We look for ways to interact with our youth; we want to know what they are doing, how they are doing it, and who they are doing it with. We realize that our youth spend most of their day alone; they have more idol time to get into all kinds of trouble. By offering more positive activities more often we cut the opportunity down of the streets getting in the minds of our youth.



We take each story that we hear concerning people in need of help serious. If disturbing news has gotten to the point where we don’t even give it a second thought and treat it as if it were normal, then it’s a problem. For Each 1 Reach 1 Mentoring Program, Inc. feels that we need to treat it as if it was our child or sister, brother, mother or father and get up to help where ever we can.




We will not be a program just exiting by name but results. And we really do mean, if we reach 1 our time was not wasted and teaching that 1 how to reach back to help another. With our screening process, training, workshops, surveys, evaluations and our partner relationships in place we are able to see if our people are growing or if they are at a stand still. This will allow us to make the necessary changes if needed





We are empowering people to take responsibility and to invest in themselves, to gain wisdom and understanding so that they can reach back to help the next person in line.



We show you how to fish so that we don’t have to keep fishing for you, then you teach someone else how to fish creating a chain effect we all are moving forward.



We take care of our investment (youth/adults) today so that we can benefit from it tomorrow. Become a mentor!





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