Middle school can be stressful and challenging in many young students' lives. The pressure to grow up too fast and constantly look or be the person you may not want to become is always present. It only takes one person to make a difference in someone's life, and Reach Academy K-12 understands this and works daily to change lives one student at a time. Our youth are outstanding young men and women full of curiosity and creativity, energy and enterprise, imagination and ingenuity. We engage these young minds with an enriching, age-appropriate, and advanced academic program tailored to youth interests, strengths, and learning styles that meet their specific developmental and educational need.
Private School Science Project
The emphasis in the middle school classrooms focuses on building upon the skills learned in elementary school and continued work on building healthy relationships and confidence.
Middle school will demand intense routines, build upon and conclude academic basics in phonics, reading, math, and memory work to be entirely ready for high school. While daily intensifying the discovery-based learning and hands-on learning. They will discover an educational environment full of both personal and academic growth. Our curriculum is led by nurturing Education Mentors (Teachers) in a small classroom setting.

Our small intimate setting allows for a truly personal and caring experience well balanced for optimal student growth, emotionally and academically.

We highly encourage all families to sign up for a tour to see our middle school 6-8 first hand to experience the joy and excitement that awaits your child!

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