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The beginning stages of a child’s education is an important landmark and Reach Academy K-12 is elated to share the experience with each student. Our youth are wonderful bundles of curiosity and creativity, energy and enterprise, imagination and ingenuity. We are engaging youth in an enriching and age-appropriate academic program tailored to youth interests, strengths, and learning styles that meets their specific developmental and educational needs.
Private School Art Class
Emphasis in the primary classrooms focuses on building healthy relationships and confidence, establishing routines, developing fine motor skills, strong academic basics in phonics, reading, math, memory work, discovery-based and hands‐on‐learning. They will discover plant gardens, wonder, paint self-portraits, laugh, play ball, create, make friends, sing and dance, write stories, explore books, run, share ideas, climb, use computers, conduct experiments, imagine, take risks, count, treasure the environment, and develop character. Our curriculum is led by nurturing Education Mentors (Teachers) in a small classroom setting.

Our small intimate setting allows for a truly personal and caring experience that is well balanced for optimal student growth, emotionally and academically.

We highly encourage all families to sign up for a tour to see our Primary K-2 first hand to experience the joy and excitement that awaits your child!

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